Sex Positive Therapy

I am a sex positive therapist, which means that I am happy to work with all relationships, as long as they are safe and consensual. From heterosexual to queer, single to partnered, monogamous to polyamorous, and vanilla to kinky. Whether you are single, dating, married, polyamorous, or in an open relationship, I provide a safe space to express your feelings without worrying about being judged.

As an LGBTQ, poly, and kink-aware therapist I can:

  • be open and supportive of your sexual experiences and lifestyle.
  • understand that though your sexual identity may be an important part of your life, it may not be why you are coming to therapy.
  • understand that there are different ways to identify and express gender, and not make assumptions about how you identify or what that means to you.
  • be a safe space to discuss your sexual fantasies and desires.
  • understand that there are many types of poly and open relationships, and respect your relationship dynamics.
  • be open about my knowledge, education, and experiences, and continue to consult with other professionals and attend trainings to educate myself on topics that are outside my current knowledge and experience.