Individual Counseling

Individual counseling involves the two of us collaborating on goals to improve your life. I want to hear what you need from me, and what you would like to gain from therapy. I want to help with your personal growth so you can live a lasting, fulfilling life. I am a client-centered therapist, so I am focused on you as a whole person, who is unique to every other client I see. I provide a comfortable, safe environment free from judgement where you are free to express your thoughts and feelings. I believe that everyone can benefit from someone to talk to that listens, understands, and provides helpful feedback, and I'm happy to be that person for you.

Relationship Counseling

Together, we can come up with solutions to problems in your relationships. All relationships have issues, from communication problems to infidelity, and I believe working together is the best way to progress towards happier relationships. I can help guide you to learn how to express your feelings without arguing, and how to meet your loved one's needs. I want to help you to feel happier, and more satisfied in your relationships.

Online Therapy

I offer online counseling via video or phone calls. I understand that people have busy lives, and if using technology for our sessions is more convenient for you, I welcome this option. Please contact me and we can discuss the best way to accommodate your needs.